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"Central Oregon Skydiving, LLC" is owned and operated by Bob Daughs, and located at the Madras Oregon Municipal Airport. We have the unique luxury of wide open spaces, mountain scenery, great facilities and lots of sunshine. Skydiving moved to Madras Airport in 2001 from Redmond Oregon to expand and take advantage of the large airport and supporting infrastructure available here. We have access to facilities perfect for skydiving activities with a terrific supportive community. Skydiving was previously known as "Cline Falls Skydiving".

Central Oregon's ONLY skydiving center is a growing and full service business offering experienced jumpers, and those interested in jumping for the first time, the equipment and expertise to pursue their dreams. Our licensed, dedicated, and highly experienced staff is available to further your goals or make that first jump experience an exciting and rewarding event. We have an on-site rigging loft, indoor packing, load organizing, video services and gear sales.

Come see why "Central Oregon Skydiving, LLC" is the destination of choice for your skydiving addiction.
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